IBIN, the BRAZILIAN INSTITUTE OF NATIONS INTEGRATION,  UFRRJ, the RIO DE JANEIRO FEDERAL RURAL UNIVERSITY, ISNL of MONTPELLIER UNIVERSITY 1,  France, the INTERNATIONAL LAW PERMANENT COMISSION of the BRAZILIAN LAWYERS INSTITUE, CPDI-IAB, the INTERMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION, IABA, the MAGISTRACY COLLEGE OF RIO DE JANEIRO, EMARF  - will hold the FIRST INTERNATIONAL   NUCLEAR LAW COURSE, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with Montpellier University 1 professors, international nuclear area experts conferencists and Brazilian  nuclear area professors and experts conferencists.
The referred Course is a traditional annual International Nuclear Law Course held in Montpellier University 1 ISNL,  in France.
For reading the Course Program, please, make download here.